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    Add:Room 406, Building 1, No.11-3, Yufu Street,

    Dongchong Town, Nansha District, Guangzhou

    Tel: +86 20 34900689

    Fax: +86 20 34900282

    E-mail: lucky@lkyhome.com

    Website: www.taishinbank.cn

    Your position:Home >> About us

    Guangzhou Lucky Steel Structure Co. Ltd is the a professional high standard company, which is dedicate in the development, design, manufacture and install, rent and sale of prefab house. Also we have a branch in Malaysia, as a distribution and Integrated service center in Southeast Asia, to provide the best service to our customers.

    Our company has 8 series product for production and marketing: such as K-type series, T-type series, container series, steel villa series, guardrail series, kiosk series, mobile toilet series and building materials series, which have the advantage of easy installation, anti-seismic, anti-corrosion, environmental protection without pollution and can use repeatedly, widely used in construction site, government placement, the energy mining camp, municipal temporary, temporary building for large-scale events and various business activities to satisfy the needs of all the customers. Products selling around the world, it produced so much favourable comment from customers, and has won a good reputation!


    Our core concept is “Facts, Teamwork, Marketing, Innovation and Excellence “


    Our commitment is " Sincerity first, Service fist, Quality first, best to provide customers with various needs"


    We warmly hope: You and I work together to create a better futrue!




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